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1st Meridian Placement Services

At 1st Meridian, we will help with all of your important questions to find the best fit for your needs. We are more than just a referral agency - we do not just give names and phone numbers for you to call! We provide personalized attention to assist you in finding safe and secure living arrangements in a manner most comfortable to you.

For your convenience, our Placement Specialist will come to you to evaluate and discuss your immediate or future needs. We will help you, your family, and caregivers to discuss concerns and preferences up front. We will provide valuable guidance to help you navigate through every step of the process.

More importantly, our concierge service is offered at no charge to you and your family.

Ongoing Support

Our services don't end when you decide on a property. We will continue to conduct follow-up calls to ensure your satisfaction and care needs are being met. We know things can change. If after a time you are not happy, we can reevaluate and help find another property that better serves you.

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Choosing Where To Live?

When it’s time to look for alternative living arrangements, the options and process can be confusing, overwhelming and emotionally draining. Who should you call? Where should you look? What do all the different types of Senior Housing terms and services mean? Which is the best option? More importantly, our Placement Services, are offered at no charge to you and your family

  • Assisted Living.
  • Independent Living.
  • Board and Care.
  • Rehabilitation and Respite Care.
  • Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF)
  • Memory Care (Alzheimers and Dementia)
Nurse San Diego
Finding A Place to Call Home

Great care and understanding is needed when deciding on a community that you or your loved one will want to call home. There are numerous factors to consider - the area, type of dwelling, environment, care needs, amenities, activities, proximity to friends and family, preparing for the move, cost and fees, licensure and certifications.

Reduce Stress and Shorten the Process

Not only have we partnered with independent living, assisted living and skilled nursing facilities, we also don't blind refer, meaning we have toured and met with administrators or owners of every community we recommend.

As a result, 1st Meridian Placement Services can:

  • Provide superior access to high-quality living choices.
  • Quickly eliminate properties that won’t meet your needs.
  • Confidently share details and recommend suitable properties.
  • Provide information to access grants and other assistance.
  • Refer an array of professional resources to assist with legal, financial, or fiduciary needs.

As part of our service, it is our pleasure to pick you up and take you to visit communities, join you on your tours, and explore locations that meet your needs. We can even help you move.

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Placement Process
  • How does the placement process work?
  • How long does the placement process typically take?
  • What is the process for transitioning a client from hospital to home through your placement services?

The intake process usually starts with a referral from a hospital CM or SW when they have a patient that is no longer able to safely return home due to care needs or cognitive decline.

This can vary greatly - the process can be as quick as the same day or can take as long as the client needs. This can be due to time needed to be spent in a SNF/Rehab facility, hospital, or just their own personal timetable living at home.

This varies from client to client, but generally, it starts with a phone call or in-person meeting to cover their history and discover their needs, goals, and wants.

Costs and Financial Assistance
  • What are the costs associated with your placement services?
  • Do you work with insurance providers or offer financial assistance options?

There is no cost to the client/representative. Our referral fee is paid by the community the client moves into, when applicable. Many times we provide our service pro bono due to a number of circumstances.

We help to facilitate LTC insurance claims where applicable as well as help start the process re: VA benefits. Sometimes this service can utilize a MediCal benefit if the client qualifies. We will help get this process started as well.

Assessment and Placement Options
  • How do you assess a client's needs to determine the most suitable placement?
  • What types of living arrangements do you consider when placing clients?
  • Do you offer specialized placement services for clients with specific medical conditions?
  • Can you accommodate short-term or temporary placement needs?
  • Is there flexibility in adjusting the level of care based on changing needs?

We have a general intake process in which we ask a number of care-related, personality, and general demographic questions. After that, we like to get into a conversation re: needs, wants, and expectations.

The most common living arrangements are Assisted Living, Independent Living, Memory Care, Residential Care Homes (Board & Care), and Skilled Nursing/Rehab.

We like to think we can help just about any client regardless of their current medical condition. That said, we look at each case and refer to the most appropriate level of care based on need and the client/representative's wish list.

Yes, this is generally referred to as a respite program.

Yes, we try to keep this in mind as moving multiple times is not helpful for our clients and/or their representatives. One move is the goal.

Support Services and Follow-up
  • What support services do you provide to families during the placement process?
  • How do you ensure a smooth transition for clients moving into assisted living facilities or nursing homes?

Many times it is just an ear to listen to what their specific challenges and concerns are. We give unbiased recommendations to clients based on our experience and relationships. We offer to hold the client/representative's hand through each step of the process based on their comfort level.

We always perform follow-up calls to make sure clients are happy/satisfied with their choice. If not, we try to help mitigate any issues or offer to replace the client.

Cultural and Religious Preferences
  • How do you handle cultural or religious preferences when placing clients?

During the intake/discovery process, we ask if there are any specific elements to the client's life that are more important than another, like a cultural or religious preference.

Educational Resources and Programs
  • Are there any educational resources or programs available to clients through your placement services?

We always provide the most recent Dept of Social Services info to the client/representative as well as a website (if the community has one) so they can familiarize themselves with the communities. Other than that, we have a referral for just about anything else the client could need - for example, an attorney, fiduciary, mover, cleanout service, transportation, medical equipment, and much more. :-)'