Giving Back and Staying Healthy At The Holidays

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Blog by 1st Meridian Care Services

Holidays are a time for spending time with family and friends. It's also a time when people feel the most alone. Please take some time to check in on your elderly neighbors, friends, & family members and let them know you're thinking of them during the holidays. Maybe prepare a meal for them, bring them some cookies, or a small gift to brighten their day.

As caregivers, we understand the need to help others & give back especially during the holidays. 1st Meridian Care Services supports our local community and are committed to providing families the best quality home care possible.

Tip for staying healthy during the holidays

Staying active. Being active helps to alleviate stress that can come from the holidays, and helps keep your mind and body healthy. One way we do that is through cycling. At Meridian we have some avid Bicyclers. Rick Schuldt, Eric Tucker, Kym Kapalla, David Shvil, and Dave Falkowski. Together we ride as a team to support local communities and promote Meridian Home Care services. We at Meridian are committed to providing families the best quality home care possible.

  • Blog by 1st Meridian Care Services
  • Blog by 1st Meridian Care Services

The type of cycling Meridian Home Care participates in is called Cycle-cross racing—the bikes look like road bikes, but with off road tires for cross country riding; it's a cross between road biking & mountain biking—we go through the mud, sand pits, jump fences, etc., things we can’t do when mountain biking. We have to practice mounting & dismounting at fast speeds by using a specific technique to throw the bike on our shoulders & run through the obstacle. This obstacle course type racing is becoming more popular and is a lot of fun!

The event we participated in (and pictured above) was a good way for us to support our local community, and we plan on doing more of the same races in the future.

We hope we've inspired you to stay active and give back this holiday and hope you'll think of us for your home care needs.